Patwon -ki-Haveli

The most elaborate and magnificent of all the Jaisalmer havelis. It has exquisitely carved pillars and extensive corridors and chambers.One of the apartments of this five storey high haveli is painted with beautiful murals.

Salim Singh-ki-Haveli: This 300 year old haveli of Jaisalmer s Prime Minister to Maharaja Rawal Gaj Singh-Salim Singh, has a beautiful blue cupola roof with superbly carved brackets in the form of peacocks.This extraordinary mansion in yellow stone is covered with intricate carvings and has an elaborate projecting balcony on the top storey.The mansion is one of the most notable of the array of havelis.


Lodurva (16 km): The ancient capital of Jaisalmer and an important pilgrim spot of the Jain community with some magnificent Jain temple. "Toran or the ornate arches at the main entrance and splendid carvings are noteworthy. A Kalptaru or a divine tree within is the main attraction of the temple

Wood Fossil Park, Aakal(17 kms): Lying on the Barmer Road , this park takes you back to the Jurassic period (when the whole Thar region lay under the sea) with 180 million year old fossils - the geological landmarks for the study of the Thar Desert.

Sam Sand Dunes(42 km): No trip to Jaisalmer is complete without a trip to the most picturesque dunes of Sam. The ripples on the wind -caressed dunes, that create an enchanting mirage, are surely a delight for a trigger -happy photographer.

Various cultural programmes are organized against the backdrop of these fascinating sand dunes. Exciting camel safaris allow you to get the real feel of the desert on the camel back.

Desert National Park (45 km): The landscape of the Desert National Park is dominated by rolling sand dunes and scrub covered hills. The prominent fauna of the park includes black buck , chinkara, desert fox and the great Indian bustard.

Barmer (155 km): A tiny desert town renowned for its hand block printing industry,carved wood furniture,colorful costumes and amiable folks.