Festival of Rajasthan

The people of Rajasthan live life to the hilt and nobody can really match the gay abandon with which the Rajasthani surrenders himself to the numerous fairs and festivals that are celebrated here.

Listed here is a very small selection of the countless number of exciting events that are held in Rajasthan throughout the year.


Held in Bikaner in January, this celebration has been recently introduction in the desert city with the only camel-breeding farm of the country. Not unexpectedly, most of the events are staged around this beast, with camel races and camel dances. There are also several folk performances. This may also be your chance to experience the rare fire dance staged late at night.


Held every October in Jodhpur, this annual event attempts to showcase the art and culture of the Jodhpur region. It is devoted almost exclusively to song and dance. The Maand Festival has become a part of this huge regional celebration.




A trading fair for cattle and camels in January – February, it is a wonderful opportunity to catch up on rural life as owners from all over the state come to camp on the outskirts of Nagaur while they buy and sell animals. The hides of the animals, cut into beautiful patterns, are particularly interesting.



The nine days preceding Dussehra are marked by fasting, and one ritual meal a day. The martial Rajputs sacrifice a goat as food for consecration. The worship of their weapons is obligatory, usually in the month of September – October. It is a private celebration with no public fanfare


Held in June in Mount Abu, this is one of few celebrations during the summer months (though it coincides too with the marriage ‘season’ which spans, according to planetary chartings, from May-July). In the cool environs of the hill town, it is time to relax while folk performances are staged, particularly of the Bhil tribes of the region.